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Cranberry Sauce with Port
We make this traditional tracklement for turkey with whole berries, gently cooked with a liberal measure of good port to give it extra savour and intensity.



Cumberland Sauce
Whether you think the name derives from the County or the Duke, this is an excellent tracklement for rich pâtés or terrines. It also does amazing things for gravy when stirred into pan juices of roast chicken or pork.



Tartar Sauce
Packed full of even more capers, onions, gherkins and parsley than our Tartar Sauce Concentrate, this ready-to-use sauce is delicious with fish, especially scampi.



Strong Horseradish & Cream Sauce
Made with strong, fresh English horseradish root, this is perfect with beef. Tempered with crème fraîche, it makes a milder sauce for smoked trout, eel or fish pâtés. Delicious combined with beetroot.