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Beer Mustard
We use 6X brewed by Wadworth of Devizes to make this classic mustard. It is excellent with Wiltshire ham, pork pie or Cheddar cheese.



Strong English Mustard
This strong, hot mustard follows the Victorian tradition of mustard making. Tempered by the judicious use of spices and vinegar, it is great with traditional English food such as hand-raised pork pies and good pork sausages!



Organic Mustard with Honey
Made with the best, organically grown ingredients, this wholegrain mustard is delicious with pork pies and sausages. It is also great in mayonnaises and cheese sauce.



French Dijon Mustard
We import this mustard from our French moutardier near Beaune. It has all the piquancy which you would expect from a true Dijon. Amazing with steak and an excellent culinary mustard when added at the end of your cooking.



Green Peppercorn Mustard
Green peppercorns add distinctive zest to this honest, English wholegrain mustard. It adds an extra dimension to mayonnaise, vinaigrettes or coleslaw.



Horseradish Mustard
In Shakespeare’s day the denizens of Tewkesbury pounded horseradish root with mustard seed to produce a tracklement for their roast beef. We have followed their tradition to make this strong, wholegrain mustard.