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Organic Rosemary Jelly
Made with fresh rosemary and sharpened with lemon juice, this jelly has a wonderful herby taste and texture. It makes a brilliant glaze for baby turnips, carrots and new potatoes.



Red Pepper & Chilli Jelly
A sweet foretaste merges into a spicy aftertaste to make this a marvellous tracklement for hot or cold white meats. It is both visually and gastronomically excellent as a glaze for root vegetables or sweetcorn.



Organic Mint Jelly
This very minty jelly, with ingredients produced under organic standards, has a splendid flavour. It is excellent for glazing carrots, peas or new potatoes.



Apple & Sage Jelly
This is our favourite tracklement for a cold pork and stuffing sandwich but we also use it as a baste during roasting or as an ingredient in sauces and gravies. Superb for glazing root vegetables.



Thai Jelly
This jelly, and its wonderful combination of hot flavours, is delicious with any fish or white meat whether roasted or grilled. Mixed with vinegar it makes an outstanding dipping sauce.