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Taylors Coffee


Everyone loves a cuppa, but we all know that sometimes we need a different coffee to suit different occasions. That’s why we stock a range of the highest quality coffee beans that are guaranteed to capture the freshest flavour everytime.

Our range not only offers a great choice of top quality roast and ground coffees but a wide variety of expertly sourced coffee beans too.

Grinding just the right amount of beans each time you make coffee at home is the best way to get the freshest possible flavour, but don’t worry if you don’t have a grinder at home we will be more than happy to grind your preferred coffee beans instore.

So whether you’re a budding connoisseur or a seasoned expert, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s a selection of some of the beans you can expect to find instore…




Rich Italian

Whether it’s a simple supper or a grand dinner, there’s no better way to end a meal than with a rich and deeply flavoured coffee. Step forward Rich Italian, inspired by the Tuscan tradition for gutsy, full-bodied roasts. The care we take over the roasting process ensures the coffee retains its character, resulting in a luxuriously velvety cup without a hint of bitterness.


Lazy Sunday

Our easygoing and aromatic Lazy Sunday blend is great for a lazy weekend brunch, but beautifully smooth any day of the week. And you can now buy Rich Italian beans to grind at home. That way you get the freshest possible flavour every time.



Just the thing for coffee connoisseurs, our intensely rich Espresso blend is also available as beans to grind at home. That way you get the freshest possible flavour every time.


Colombia Excelso

Whenever you choose to enjoy a cup made from these top quality beans, you’ll be glad you did. Sourced from some of the country’s best co-operative farms these beans are grown at high altitude in the foothills of the Andes, perfect conditions for slowly developing a better flavour. By roasting them on the darker side of medium we bring out their rich, tantalising taste with a hint of fruit and a nutty aroma.


Kenya Nyeri

Breakfast time can often be a bit of blur, but invest a little time in grinding fresh beans and you’ll reap huge rewards – particularly with a coffee this vibrant and lively. Grown in rich volcanic soil at extremely high altitude, this coffee is like a refreshing nectar with hints of honeyed fruits. If ever you need to spoil yourself on a morning, this is the coffee to do it.