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Raw Meat


Top tip: Never put cooked food on a plate or surface that’s had raw meat on it


Handling raw meat

Raw meat sometimes contains germs that can cause food poisoning. You can very easily pick up germs from raw meat on your hands or utensils, and then spread them to anything else you touch, including food that’s cooked and ready to eat. This is called cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination can happen if raw meat touches anything that then comes into contact with other food, including plates, cutlery, tongs and chopping boards.


Safety essentials

Some easy steps to help prevent cross-contamination are:

• Use separate utensils (plates, tongs, containers) for cooked and raw meat
• Wash your hands after every time you touch raw meat.
• Never put cooked food on a plate or surface that’s had raw meat on it.
• Keep raw meat in a sealed container away from foods that are ready to eat, such as salads and bread (such as burger buns or baguettes).
• Any frozen meat should be fully thawed before you cook it

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